AB6IX Provided Lucky Fans With Starbucks Gift Sets

Fans were impressed with their good sense!

AB6IX recently gave lucky fans a gift set that included a photo card that turned out to be Starbucks gift card.

AB6IX held a mini fan meeting in celebration of their debut on Show! Music Core on May 25.


Approximately 500 fans were invited to this exclusive meeting.


But crowds gathered in front of the broadcasting station where the event was held to see the members.


On this day, the fans were handed cool refreshments to cool down in the sun.


Moreover, AB6IX provided very special gifts that included an eco bag with pictures that were drawn by the members, vitamins and a photo card.


It turns out, however, that this “photocard” was actually a Starbucks gift card!


While many stars have previously provided fans with coffee trucks as gifts, no one has actually given fans gift cards from Starbucks before.


Each gift card apparently contained 10,000 KRW.


Fans are continuing to leave excellent reviews, thanking AB6IX for their awesome gift. Check out AB6IX’s fan meeting below:

Source: Dispatch