AB6IX’s Daehwi Reveals How He Successfully Claps Back At People Who Look Down On Him And It’s Truly Inspirational

Unfortunately, Daehwi says there are people who doubt him all the time.

Daehwi is such a talented singer-songwriter that it’s hard to believe that he just turned eighteen!

Ever since his participation in the second season of Produce 101, he has been capturing the attention of fans with his skill and determination.

As a public figure, however, not all the attention he has received has been positive.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Daehwi revealed that he was aware of how people look down on young idols like himself.

AB6IX was asked the question, “Do you feel like people have doubted you and your music because of your young age?”

Daehwi sighed before answering that this was the reality that he has faced.

They always do, and I feel it.

Daehwi explained that the main reason people look down on him is because of his young age.

In the idol culture, especially, age is considered incredibly important. The age hierarchy has meant that young people are often underestimated or patronized, despite their intellect and talent.

Often, young people are unable to speak up, as it is considered more important to show respect to their seniors, rather than offering their insight.

Daehwi criticized this preoccupation with age as it clouds the judgment of other people.

People always think young people can’t do stuff and young people always have to be silent and quiet

He confessed that he doesn’t let this get in the way of his dreams.

Daehwi reiterated that he tries not to focus on the opinions of his critics and their prejudices about his age.

And that thought process shined through with his confidence.

People always think young people can’t do stuff … but it’s not ’cause look at me, I’m doing so well right now

He stated that it doesn’t matter what other people think; he is going to do the best that he can for his passions, and hopefully, this could pave the way for other young people.

So I try harder to break that image of youngest person in the group.

Daehwi expressed his hope that younger people would stand up for what they believe in and to not focus on what the haters think.

He reiterated that the most important thing is that you believe in yourself.

I hope other young people would stand up for themselves

Hopefully, we can all take a page out of Daehwi’s book and install a bit more self-confidence in ourselves.

After all, the only successful way to clap back at the haters is to do better. And that turned out so well for Daehwi!

The full interview of AB6IX with MTV News is available below.