AB6IX’s Daehwi Was So Shy About His Revealing Outfit That He Asked IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon For Help At The 2019 MGMA’s

These former JYP Entertainment trainees are still great friends

AB6IX’s Daehwi is currently one of the youngest idols, being a 2001-liner, but he has always been interested in doing a sexy concept since his WANNA ONE days.

Even recently, he has expressed this to fans that he still wants to try out something a bit more sensual.

It may seem like his stylists were in on his opinions, because at the 2019 M2 X Genie Awards, AB6IX was dressed in a more mature style.

This meant that members like Daehwi and Woojin had to wear outfits with some very low necklines.

The more sensual styling meant that Daehwi was showing more skin than per usual.

There were some moments were Daehwi was shown covering his neckline, showing he was a bit uncomfortable with adopting a more mature image.

Every time he moved, he appeared to be shy about how revealing his neckline was.

Thankfully, as the social butterfly he is, Daehwi was surrounded by friends at the 2019 MGMA’s, including IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon with whom he had met when they were former trainees at JYP Entertainment.

Daehwi was shown talking to Chaeyeon, indicating his neckline, and asking whether she can see his chest.

To which Chaeyeon was seen answering that she couldn’t and that everything is fine.

Reassured, Daehwi was able to perform in his outfit.

In fact, he was able to capture a different image with a more grown-up and “dreamy sexy” concept.

And Chaeyeon was right, even with the neckline, Daehwi was able to dance without having to be too revealing.

Daehwi and Chaeyeon have been shown to share some of the closest friendships in K-Pop, that still goes strong since their trainee days.

Just recently, the two appeared on “Not The Same Person You Used To Know” where Daehwi revealed that Chaeyeon was like a mother to him when they were training together.

Because his mother was in America at that time, Chaeyeon would be the one who bought him food and always made sure that he was eating well.

It is heartwarming to see such a great friendship continue to be strong, even with how busy their schedules are.

As visual-based and perfectionist the K-Pop industry tends to be, friends like these will always be supporting each other.

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