AB6IX’s Woong Reveals The Unusual Reason Why He Can’t Stop Touching Daehwi’s Ear

“Weirdly adorable” is the only way to describe it

AB6IX is one of the most successful rookies, having only debuted a few months ago!

Many of the members have been familiar with each other, having been in the same pre-debut group together, or even former JYP Entertainment trainees many years ago.

Given how close they have been, they obviously have grown comfortable around each other.

Yet, fans have realised that something unusual, after seeing the group interaction for several months.

Many have noticed that Woong can’t stop touching AB6IX’s maknae Daehwi‘s ear.

And he keeps on doing it!

On his solo live broadcast, fans finally brought it up and asked Woong why he has a habit of touching Daehwi’s ear.

Woong revealed that he keeps getting tempted to touch his ear because of one particular feature.

Actually, on Daehwi’s ear there is a mole

Woong answered that Daehwi’s mole reminds him of a button, which is why he keeps on pressing it whenever he sees it.

That mole goes “touch me”, that’s why I’m always touching as if I’m pressing it. I touch it whenever it’s near me

Another reason could be that Woong is one of the “touchiest” idols and it’s not just Daehwi who is on the receiving end of Woong’s skinship.

And of course, this could also be because Woong loves his group and that includes Daehwi.

Woong acknowledged that Daehwi is the moodmaker of the group and is so cute and lovable.

He’s cute so everyone loves him

So next time you spot Woong pressing Daehwi’s ear, you’ll know why.