ABC Network Makes Huge Mistake During BLACKPINK’s Performance

And they still haven’t fixed the error.

On February 12, ABC invited BLACKPINK to appear and perform on their morning news show, Good Morning America.

On this day, BLACKPINK did their fans proud with a lively interview and a flawless performance of their hit song, “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

But in the middle of BLACKPINK’s powerful performance, ABC made a crucial mistake with their caption.

When ABC uploaded the performance to their official YouTube channel, they inserted the caption, “Singing in Japanese” when they sang in Korean. And it wasn’t just once. It showed up multiple times during their song.

It may not be too uncommon to get foreign languages confused, but fans were very disappointed since ABC was the one to invite BLACKPINK themselves.

BLACKPINK’s performance, as well as the incorrect caption, can be watched below:

Source: Insight


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