ABC News says K-Pop trends are taking over Asia

ABC News of Japan reports on the growing influence of K-Pop among many countries in Asia.

Reporter Joo Hee Cho stopped by a TVXQ concert in Tokyo where the idols performed in front of 50,000 fans. K-Pop has been growing across the continent with their music topping charts in different countries other than in South Korea. Korean dramas have also become the most watched in multiple Asian countries.

Not only has K-Pop influenced other countries, the school system was also impacted from the growing trend. At one point, Korean schools held more traditional classes but now have begun to teach students how to sing along and dance to popular K-Pop songs into their lessons.

The report continues to describe the process of becoming a trainee in Korea. The talented youth are selected to go through intense training to learn how to speak another language, play instruments, and public speaking.

Reporter Joo Hee Cho sat down with SM Rookies Mark Lee and listened to what he had to say about being an entertainer. He responded, “Being an entertainer is not only about singing and dancing or rapping. You have to be able to entertain people. You have to be able to speak fluently and be able to be funny and humorous so people will like you.”

The success of K-Pop has been due to the extensive training that idols need to go through before they perform on stage. Because of their training, the artists are already prepared as performers and can show off their best efforts the first time on stage.

In comparison to American singers, some may be discovered from a video online one day and be thrown on stage the next and be told to perform without any prior experience. This marketing technique has become a key aspect to the success of K-Pop around the world.

Source: ABC News Videos and ABC Entertainment News