According to Google, MOMOLAND’s Nancy Is 53 Years Old

Get it together Google!

Nancy is MOMOLAND‘s maknae, only according to Google she isn’t!


Nancy’s birthday is April 13, 2000, which makes her 18-years-old.


But if you search for her age on Google you soon find out that the search engine believes she was born on May 23, 1965! That would make her 53!

So not only is her age wrong but so is her actual birthday!


It’s one of those moments that you just can’t quite believe your eyes and wonder how they got it so, so wrong.

The search results are unmistakably about her.


Google must be really confused to think that Nancy is 53 instead of 18, but you have to admit she is one of the youngest looking 53-year-olds around!

But seriously Google, is this ever going to be fixed?