A.C.E Announces New Mini Album With Surprise Music Video

A.C.E just released the Inception of music videos.

On May 2, at midnight KST, A.C.E posted mysterious blank pictures on their official Instagram account that were captioned “[A.C.E COMEBACK]”. At the same time, in their Instagram story they posted a link to their brand new surprise music video “IF YOU HEARD”.

At the end of the emotional music video, in sort of an ending credits scene, the group both announces and unveils the tracklist for their upcoming mini-album [UNDER COVER: BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO BE MINE, BE MINE]. Notably, the mini-album will include the full 5-member version of the group’s “5TAR,” but only on the physical CD.

At the very very end of the video, we get yet another teaser for the title track of the mini album, “UNDER COVER”. (A music video within an album teaser within a music video… Inception?)

[UNDER COVER: BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO BE MINE, BE MINE] is set to be released on May 17. CHOICEs get your coins ready!