A.C.E. Have Their First Cosmetic Brand Deal And The Visuals Are Stunning

Their aesthetic for “Goblin (Favorite Boys)” has caught the attention of a cosmetic brand!

The boys of A.C.E. finally have their first cosmetic brand deal! Century Recipes recently revealed that they have chosen A.C.E. as the face of their new product lines “Kyungsung” and “Nogyu”.

| @centuryrecipes_official/Instagram

| @centuryrecipes_official/Instagram

Century Recipes is a company that is inspired by cosmetics and medicinal recipes from over 100 years ago. They said that they chose A.C.E. “because they’ve been promoting the Korean Wave ever since their debut. We expect the image that they showed in their Korean fantasy-themed song ‘Favorite Boys’ will create synergy with our brand.

Fans are eager to try the products and hear what events are to come. They are also appreciative because the products seem to be reasonably priced. This cosmetic brand’s demographic is typically people 40 and over but fans are hoping to change that and support the boys.

What product are you thinking of getting?

Source: Century Recipes