A.C.E To Be Jointly Managed By BEAT Interactive And SWING Entertainment

We hope they will continue to grow and improve.

Today SWING Entertainment and BEAT Interactive announced that they will be jointly managing the boy group A.C.E.

Considering the continuation of COVID-19 is a critical situation, we have decided on a strategic partnership.

—SWING Entertainment and BEAT Interactive

| @official_ACE7/Twitter

BEAT Interactive will be focusing on artist production along with global marketing in the United States and Europe. SWING Entertainment will take charge of the artists’ management.

A.C.E is currently the only artist under Beat Interactive. SWING Entertainment currently manages IZ*ONEKim Jae Hawn, Natty, and Son Ho Young and previously managed both Wanna One and X1. SWING Entertainment plans to provide full support for A.C.E as they have quite a variety of experiences.

| @BEATINT0505/Twitter

BEAT Interactive and SWING Entertainment hope to strengthen A.C.E’s position in Korea and worldwide.

Source: Newsen