Activists make effort to deny “pick-up artist” Julien Blanc’s entry to Korea

Julien Blanc is a name that has become infamous to activists in countries all over the world after a viral YouTube video showed his questionable methods in “attracting” women.

Blanc is a Switzerland-born American who is a self-proclaimed “pick-up artist.” Blanc holds seminars across the globe teaching men how to interact with women, and planned on holding said seminars in Korea. The name Julien Blanc has been making rounds on the Internet due to petitions to bar his entry into other countries.

The approach Blanc uses to “seduce” women is to grab their heads and push them down to his crotch. This vulgar act can be seen forced upon several Japanese women in the viral YouTube video. With more than 2.3 million views, Blanc’s methods are becoming more and more exposed.

Julien Blanc
The Korea Observer

*Warning: There is inappropriate language in this video.


Blanc’s visa has already been cancelled by the Australian Immigration Minister, and there is news that Canada and Britain may follow Australia’s footsteps. Rydia Kim launched an online petition to prevent Blanc’s entry to Korea due to the possible violence that will happen to Korean women. Kim’s goal is for Korea to deny Blanc a visa and the petition can be found here.

Source: The Korea Observer