Actor Choi Woo Sik Unboxes BTS V’s Edition Of Dicon’s Magazine

Wooga fam for life!

Dicon magazine featured BTS for their 10th issue special edition and released teaser videos of each of the members. They also invited different celebrities to do unboxing videos of each members’ edition of the magazine.

Actor Choi Woo Sik, who is known to be a part of the Wooga fam and a good friend of V, was chosen to unbox V’s edition of the magazine.

Choi looked very happy to be able to receive this special edition as a gift.

After looking through the magazine, he felt that fans would really enjoy this edition as it was full of different images and styling of V.

His favorite photo in the magazine was a cute photo of V.

He also opened the poster included with the magazine and stated that the photo came out really well.

Choi was proud to have V as the maknae (youngest) of the Wooga fam.

While looking through the special accordion photo message, he also pointed out the photo that was taken with V’s dog Yeontan.

He concluded his mini review by stating that this was a review from V’s best friend…

…Choi Woo Sik!

We love the support and love of the Wooga fam and we hope to see more from them soon!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

Watch the full unboxing video below!