Actor Go Kyung Pyo Accused Of Visiting Adult Entertainment Establishment With Transgender BJ

His agency responded to the accusations.

Actor Go Kyung Pyo has been accused of visiting an adult entertainment establishment with transgender AfreecaTV BJ Sae He.

Sae He posted a series of now-deleted pictures on her Instagram account of herself with Go Kyung Pyo, including one on her Instagram story asking where he is drunk. There were allegations that the pictures were taken at an adult entertainment establishment in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

Oppa, are you drunk? ㅋㅋㅋ

— Sae He

In another picture, Go Kyung Pyo could be seen with Sae He and another woman.

Oppa’s face is so f*cking handsome, we’ve been knocked over by how handsome it is.

#OppaAgreedToThis #Reply #Sia #SaeHe #GoKyungPyoOppa

— Sae He

Sae He is a transgender model who made it to the Top 12 of the Miss International Queen beauty pageant. She currently is a BJ (broadcast jockey) on AfreecaTV alongside her modeling activities.

Go Kyung Pyo was criticized for his action of going out to a bar during the Coronavirus pandemic, especially during recent times, as South Korea has seen a large increase in the number of local transmission cases of the Coronavirus within the past week.

In response to the criticism, Go Kyung Pyo’s agency CL& Company denied such claims, and even stated he doesn’t know who she is.

Go Kyung Pyo visited the agency office after filming for his drama finished. After that, he went to a bar for some light drinking.

He received a photo request from someone he didn’t know. She was someone he didn’t know at all. The location of where the picture was taken was just a regular bar.

— CL& Company

Go Kyung Pyo is currently filming for his upcoming JTBC drama Private Lives, which also stars Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun and Kim Hyo Jin.

Source: Herald Pop