Actor Go Soo Will Star In A K-Drama With A Female Idol Member And Netizens Are Concerned About Their Age Difference

“Talking about the age when you don’t even know the plot…”

Actor Go Soo will star in a K-Drama with a female idol member—netizens were surprised at the news of the casting because of the two’s noticeable age difference.

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On May 15, SPOTV News reported that Go Soo will star alongside OH MY GIRL member Arin in tvN‘s new K-Drama Summer Love Machine Blues.

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The K-Drama is a short drama project picked from CJ ENM‘s project ‘O’PENing‘—a TV program that trained drama writers and film script writers for ten months to create a production.


Upon hearing that Go Soo and Arin will star in a K-Drama together, netizens were initially surprised because of their 21-year age difference. Go Soo was born in 1978 and is 44 years old, while Arin was born in 1999 and is 23 years old.


Some vocalized their initial concern about the casting, and others commented on how they jumped to conclusions without further research. In addition, some people pointed out the freshness of this new collaboration, while others were hesitant about Arin acting in a production with the top actor.

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  • “Wow, what a fascinating combination…”
  • “Are they going to play a couple…?”
  • “Wait a minute—what’s their age difference?”
  • “Huh? It’s not a romance drama, right?”
  • “The title and the casting are both, huh? What’s it gonna be about? lol”
  • “It’s not going to be a love line, right?”
  • “You’re all sick; you don’t even know what it’s about and already talking about the age difference”
  • “I’m surprised Arin is the female role of Go Soo’s drama…”
  • “This combination is very much a collision of universes lol”
  • “Talking about the age when you don’t even know the plot”
  • “It’s such a fresh and unimaginable combination that I didn’t even think about romance after seeing the title”
  • “What a fresh collaboration lol I’m curious”
  • “Ah I’m so excited; Arin, hwaiting!”
  • “I came in here obviously thinking it’s not a love line, but… lol”
  • “It’s fascinating Arin is playing the opposite role of Go Soo… is she good at acting?”
  • “Arin is the no. 1 idol who is prettiest in person… Her visuals are no joke in person… She looked like an actress… I see she acts now… But she’s not going to be a couple with Go Soo, right?”
  • “Oh, I can totally see it… is it a healing drama?”
  • “I was confused at first but now I’m relieved knowing it’s not a romance drama”
  • “Is she coming out as his daughter? They kinda look alike”
  • “She’s either his daughter or he’s the next-door neighbor lol I’m looking forward to it”
  • “Honestly, it makes no sense to even imagine that it’d be a love line after seeing the two, but ridiculous things are happening every day, so that’s probably why people misunderstoodㅠ How can it make sense they’re love interests?”

Go Soo and Arin have reportedly started filming in Gangwon-do, and many are looking forward to seeing their dynamics and teamwork for the first time. Summer Love Machine Blues is a comedy that tells the process of the main characters growing up in their own environment. It is scheduled to air this year.

Source: Wikitree and theqoo
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