Actor Gong Yoo Reveals He Takes 13 Different Dietary Supplements For His Health

That’s a lot of supplements!

Actor Gong Yoo recently revealed how much of his 2020 To Do List he achieved last year in a video posted by his agency, Management Soop.

| Management Soop/YouTube

His first thing on his to-do list was to take care of his health. Although he couldn’t work out as much as he wanted to, do to COVID-19 restrictions, he still felt that he did a good job keeping up with it.

| Management Soop/YouTube

He also admitted that he could feel his body taking a toll as each year passed.

As each year passes, the amount of dietary supplements I take increases. I’m currently taking about 13 supplements right now. You could say these supplements are what helps me make it through each day.

⁠— Gong Yoo

The second thing on his to-do list was to choose his projects with conviction. He is currently filming a Netflix Original Series titled The Silent Sea.

| Netflix

As for studying English, he revealed that he wasn’t able to get around to that one!

I didn’t study English at all. Because of my schedule, I was so busy that I was too tired to study.

⁠— Gong Yoo

Fans who were waiting for this video were excited that it finally was released on the channel.

  • “I wish he would start his own YouTube channel. I want to see his daily life!”
  • “I always get a good laugh when I watch his contents!”
  • “Gongyoo is handsome, cute and funny!”
  • “I was waiting for this video!”

Stay tuned for the brand-new Korean space thriller series The Silent Sea, featuring Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, and Lee Joon.

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