Actor Arrested After Showing Signs Of Hallucination On The Street

He claims it was caused by prescription drugs but drug tests state otherwise.

An actor who goes by the initial “Yang” was caught behaving strangely on the street through CCTV footage.

Around 1 am on April 12, Yang was seen running across the streets of Gangnam, running into cars and more.


He was punching the air, kicking his feet and lying on the ground.


After he ran into a car driven by a man in his 40’s, he was reported and the police came to arrest him.


He tested positive on a drug test for Philopin, or methamphetamine, but he denied taking the drugs during investigations. Yang claimed that he took prescription appetite suppressants, which caused hallucinations.

I took prescribed appetite suppressants. After the meeting ended late, I was really tired and got high off of the medicine and so I hallucinated.

ㅡ Actor Yang


The appetite suppressant, Phendimetrazine, is known to be able to cause hallucinations if taken in large doses and therefore, it is classified as a psychoactive drug.

The police have sent Yang’s hair to the National Forensic Service to further reveal the validity of his claims.

Source: Sports Chosun
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