Netizens Believe Actor Hyun Bin’s Way Of Smiling Has Changed Since Getting Married To Son Ye Jin

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In a world where we are told fairy tales don’t exist, one couple has proved that it couldn’t be further from the truth. After getting close while filming the hit K-Drama Crash Landing On You, actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin quickly became the hottest couple in the K-Drama industry.

Son Ye Jin (left) and Hyun Bin (right) | @yejinhand/Instagram

When they got married earlier in the year, it was one of the hottest events of the year and netizens stayed tuned to see glimpses of the beautifully romantic ceremony.

Photos from Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s wedding | @kdramatreats/Twitter

Photos from Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s wedding | @kdramatreats/Twitter

It was even sweeter when it was announced that Son Ye Jin was pregnant and the couple was going to have a baby later in the year. The actress shared the emotional news in an Instagram post and netizens worldwide couldn’t hide their excitement.

How are you all doing? I’ve been doing well. I’d like carefully share some very happy news with everyone.

We are expecting a new life in our family..

I’m still flustered, but I’m currently going day by day, feeling the changes in by body and feeling both worry and excitement.

I’m so thankful, but I wasn’t able to tell anyone yet as I had to be very careful about it.

I would like to tell my fans and the people around me who were waiting for this news as much as we were, before it’s too late.

We will protect the precious life that has come to us. I hope you all stay healthy, keeping the things you hold precious in your life close to you.

I wish you all happiness

— Son Ye Jin

Hyun Bin has truly been the epitome of a doting husband and soon-to-be father. Whether it’s his reaction to being congratulated on Son Ye Jin’s pregnancy or the precautions he’s taken for their safety, he’s gained so much love.

Well, it seems like marriage has changed Hyun Bin in many ways, and one is his smile… There is no denying that the actor has one of the most charming and handsome smiles in the industry, showcasing his masculine and sexy charms.

Yet, Son Ye Jin also has the most beautiful smile and radiates sunshine no matter what.

Recently, Hyun Bin has been promoting his newest movie, Confidential Assignment 2: International. It isn’t surprising that throughout, the actor has shined with his charisma. Yet, one event stood out the most.

Hyun Bin appeared on NAVER NOW‘s Movie Talk and, as expected, boasted of his handsome visual wearing a simple navy shirt and black pants.

| @vast.ent/Instagram

| @vast.ent/Instagram

After the event, a netizen caught the attention of both international and Korean fans with a post that showed how Hyun Bin is starting to smile, just like his wife Son Ye Jin. In the post, the user put pictures of both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin smiling, and the recent shots of the actor seemed to perfectly reflect her smile.

| Wikitree

| Wikitree

| Wikitree

| Wikitree

The post got thousands of likes, and it was clear to see why it was so popular. Alongside the smile, it seems like the duo has always meant to be together, with comparisons of them as young children showing the similarities.

| @dreamer_won/Instagram

| @dreamer_won/Instagram

After years of rumors, the confirmation that they were dating, their marriage, and now a baby on the way, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are truly marriage goals. Since the big day, Hyun Bin has had the biggest smile on his face and never fails to look like he’s on “Cloud 9” whenever his wife and child are mentioned.

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Source: @dreamer_won and wikitree