Actor Ji Chang Wook Returns To Filming After Recovering From COVID-19

He will finally return to filming.

Actor Ji Chang Wook’s agency Glorious Entertainment stated, “Ji Chang Wook has made a full recovery from COVID-19 and has been released from quarantine. He will make his return to ‘The Sound of Magic.” 

Previously, Ji Chang Wook received a positive COVID-19 test last month and went into quarantine. At that time, a drama representative stated, “Ji Chang Wook and of one of the staff members recently confirmed positive during a preemptive test and are being quarantined while the others are waiting for test results.”

Ji Chang Wook was discharged on August 6 after completing treatment and quarantine in accordance with the guidelines of the health authorities. He plans to schedule dates and return filming for the drama The Sound of Magic.

Source: sports khan