Actor Ji Sung gets shocked by fanboy in pink pajamas

On May 24th, popular actor Ji Sung attended a fan event in Hong Kong, where he got the shock of his life from a fanboy in pink pajamas.

At the event, Ji Sung discussed his role in Kill Me, Heal Me. When asked which of the seven personalities he liked acting out the most in the drama, he stated that it is difficult to pick just one. However, based on the fans’ reactions and banners at event, it appeared that the most-loved personality is the one of a 17-year-old girl named Ahn Yo Na.

Continuing with the theme of Kill Me, Heal Me, the organizers invited two fans onto the stage to play games, one of which was a fanboy dressed up as the aforementioned Ahn Yo Na.

The fan dressed up as Ahn Yo Na caught much attention as he ran towards Ji Sung to get a hug, which shocked the actor and prompted the actor to motion for him to stay away. Later on, the fan also did aegyo and called Ji Sung “oppa,” drawing laughter from everyone in the crowd.