Actor Ji Sung shares his opinion on starring in a family variety show with his soon-to-be-born baby

Soon to be father and actor Ji Sung held a fan meeting and signing event on May 24th in Hong Kong.

During the interview session, the Chinese media asked questions related to his soon-to-be-born baby. In particular, they asked whether or not Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young would be interested in starring in a real family variety program.

The actor answered, “If we receive recruitments, we would be more than grateful. But we don’t have the confidence to participate on such programs together with our baby. So we will not do it. There is no particular reason for it. I am an actor outside and I believe I should leave the worn out feelings experienced from work outside as well. If I return home, I am a husband as well as a father. But if we star in a family variety show, the camera would be following our daily lives.. and I would feel pressured by it.”

Following, when a reporter asked what kind of character he would want to try for next projects, he commented, “Because I tried many characters as an actor, rather than thinking what particular character I would like to act as, I would want to consider projects and characters where I can display my genuine emotions. Nevertheless, I would want to try spy movies like Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission Impossible.'”

Meanwhile, Ji Sung received a lot of compliment and attention for his last project, MBC drama Kill Me, Heal Me. The actor took over a the role of Cha Do Hyun, who possessed seven different personalities due to a mental illness.

Source: TV Daily