Actor Ji Sung’s “Flirty” Comment On Lee Bo Young’s Picture Goes Viral

Married-couple goals!

Actress Lee Bo Young gained attention after her husband, Ji Sung, left a sweet message on her Instagram.

Lee Bo Young (left) and Ji Sung (right) |

On May 21, a post titled “Is Lee Bo Young Dating Jisung?” went viral. The author sarcastically wrote the title, full knowing that Lee Bo Young and Jisung are married.

In the post, the author uploaded an Instagram post uploaded by Lee Bo Young. In her post, the actress is seen with several of her acquaintances.

Netizens were quick to discover, however, that Lee Bo Young’s husband had left a message on the post. In the comments, actor Ji Sung wrote a sweet message in which he praised his wife’s beauty.

Why are you so pretty? You’re a natural when it comes to Instagram!

— Ji Sung

Fans loved the interaction, with many expressing how sweet Ji Sung was.

  • “This is so romantic.”
  • “He’s so cute.”
  • “Bo Young is really pretty, and you’re so lovely for commenting (on her photo).”
  • Oppa, so hurry up and learn from Bo Young unnie! It would be awesome if you uploaded as often as her.”
  • “The interaction between these two is fun.”
  • “Ha… I am so jealous of Ji Sung… Please make Bo Young unnie happy…
  • “You guys are the best couple.”

Meanwhile, Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung married in 2013 and have two children between them.

Source: theqoo
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