“Actor Jin” Jumped Out And Now ARMYs Are Demanding A K-Drama Role

His leading man visuals are on point.

A K-Drama starring Kim Seokjin as the lead. Where’s the petition for this and can we sign it now, please?

BTS‘s Jin is handsome. Worldwide Handsome. By now, everybody knows this and nobody with fully functioning eyes (and a rational mind!) would dispute it.

Although Jin’s outrageous visuals are nothing new, they still find ways to surprise fans. ARMYs simply fawned over the app store teaser for BTS WORLD (BTS’s mobile game) and it’s all because of Jin.

The trailer, which shows BTS WORLD’s gameplay, kicks off with a split-second clip of Jin. He looks like a K-Drama chaebol searching for his leading lady (or just contemplating life?) at the beach.

Fans are now calling for a K-Drama where “Actor Jin” can put his leading man looks, and his acting degree, to good use!