Actor Jo Byung Gyu’s Instagram Account Has Been Hacked

This adds to the already large list of accounts hacked just this year.

Actor Jo Byung Gyu (from The Uncanny Counter, Hot Stove League, and SKY Castle) has recently gotten his Instagram account hacked.

Fans became confused when Jo Byung Gyu’s account, @bk_arta, suddenly became a so-called “Instagram Support Channel”, but with the a’s replaced with the Greek alpha symbol, α. The profile picture was also replaced with a bubble-esque Instagram logo and the account was privated.

Today, the agency, HB Entertainment, confirmed that it has been hacked.

We inform you that actor Jo Byung Kyu’s Instagram account has been hacked, and the recent posts and follows of this account are a result of the hacker’s actions. We have requested the account’s retrieval with the SNS company and we hope that there will be no more damages until the account’s recovery. We are sorry to concern out fans, and will do our best to recover the account quickly.

—HB Entertainment

This hacking could be the result of the actor’s sudden popularity, though it is unclear if the hacker was a fan of just a regular one. This is certainly not the first Korean celebrity’s account to be hacked, however, it adds to the ever-growing list of accounts hacked just this year alone.

Source: Sports Chosun