“Sky Castle” Actor Jo Byung Gyu Reveals He Got Expelled From University, Explains Why

He had an interesting explanation.

Actor Jo Byung Gyu‘s may be having an increasingly successful time in the acting world following his roles in School 2015, A Beautiful Mind, and Sky Castle, but his academic life may not be going as well.

He revealed in the March 15 episode of SBS‘s Running Man that he got expelled a few days before shooting the show.

Jo Byung Gyu explained that he was removed from the university for having too many absences.

I was taking time off school so I couldn’t attend classes. I got expelled a couple of days ago.

– Jo Byung Gyu

Yoo Jaeseok then shared his experience of choosing to drop out instead of being dismissed by his university.

To the surprise of the other cast members, Jo Byung Gyu outright stated that he did not prefer that option. He instead chose to be expelled over dropping out, the latter of which is usually considered the more popular option.

Dropping out would’ve hurt my pride so I chose to get expelled.

– Jo Byung Gyu

He is known for attending the Seoul Institution of the Arts.

Source: Nate