Actor Jung Il Woo Signs Contract With 9ato Entertainment

He has become a part of the 9ato family.

Actor Jung Il Woo has joined 9ato Entertainment.

According 9ato, “Actor Jung Il Woo and 9ato Entertainment, who both have global buzz and acting skills, have become one family. 9ato Entertainment and J1 international Company, who is in charge of the existing global parts, are expected to work together to support Jung Il Woo’s domestic and international activities. Please look forward to the synergy that 9ato and Jung Il-Woo will unfold together”.

After rising to stardom with the sitcom Unstoppable High Kick, he built his own character and color by taking on different genres from melodrama, historical, and comedy, accumulating a wide spectrum of acting genres. As he enters his 15th year as an actor, he has secured a global fan base through various works and is receiving support and love as a Hallyu star.

On the other hand, MBN K-Drama Bossam: Steal The Fate, starring Jung Il Woo, will begin airing on May 1.

Source: sports khan