Actor Jung Kyung Ho Has Netizens Swooning When Describing His Relationship With Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

They have the most wholesome relationship.

When it comes to power couples in Korea, everyone is obsessed with the relationship between Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho.

Sooyoung and Kyung Ho spotted together by Dispatch | Dispatch
The couple on a date with married celebrities Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon | @kdramatreats/Twitter

Recently, Jung Kyung Ho appeared on the Game Caterers channel with Na PD…

And he was later joined by fellow actors which gave fans a Hospital Playlist reunion.

During the video, Na PD pointed out that Kyung Ho had seemingly burned his nose, and the actor explained that it happened in Australia.

Of course, it wouldn’t be surprising if netizens remembered photos of Kyung Ho’s trip to Australia, where he was spotted with Sooyoung on a zoo date.



Of course, Kyung Ho made sure to mention that he went with Sooyoung and proudly bragged about his date.

In particular, Na PD asked how they could be such love birds after being together for ten years, and Kyung Ho was quick to be #boyfriendgoals when he corrected the number, adding they had been together for 12 years.

To answer Na PD’s question, Kyung Ho explained that they do everything together.

He would’ve made millions of netizens swoon as he added, “She’s a partner that’s always with me.”

When the video was posted and the subtitles added, netizens couldn’t stop swooning over the way Kyung Ho spoke about Sooyoung.

Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung are truly relationship goals, and they always make netizens’ hearts melt.

Source: channel fullmoon

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