Actor Jung Woo Sung’s Sweet Gesture To A Fan Goes Viral

Jung Woo Sung loves his fans!

Actor Jung Woo Sung‘s sweet fan service for a fan during a showing of the actor’s movie Hunt is going viral.

Jung Woo Sung | Pinterest

On August 15, the actors of the movie, Hunt, watched a showing with fans at a theatre in Seoul.

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On this day, actor Jung Woo Sung did something incredibly sweet for a fan who had spent her whole day following the actors’ press schedules.

According to a fan, they had been following Jung Woo Sung’s press schedule for the day when the actor recognized them and asked them to come out and take a picture.

Ha… Today I was so tired due to following them from Sangam to Mokdong, so during the last showing, I was just yelling and not even filming when Jung Woo Sung oppa-ajussi all of a sudden said to me, ‘Regardless of the fan prize, you (jagi) come out here.’ I was re-energized that instant.

— Netizen

More sweet was the fact Jung Woo Sung called her jagi. Jagi is a term of endearment that can be used between lovers but is also used between friends and acquaintances. A clip of the star pointing out the fan has since gone viral.

It has been revealed that Jung Woo Sung had recognized the fan from all of the day’s prior events. Fans gushed at the superstar’s sweet gesture.

  • “The fact Jung Woo Sung recognized the fan is amazing.”
  • “So sweet!”
  • “What are we to do with this amazing person? Ha…”

Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae star in the movie Hunt. The movie was released on August 10 and is a spy/action thriller. Hunt is currently the number one movie at Korea’s box office.

Watch the trailer at the link below!

Source: Money Today