This Actor Just Took Over The Top Of Melon’s Chart, Beating Apink and Other Digital Monsters

What an impressive accomplishment!

Hospital Playlist OST “Aloha”, sung by actor Jo Jung Suk, just took over the top of Melon‘s realtime chart, beating out Apink‘s latest comeback and digital monsters such as M.C the Max, Gaho, and BTS.

“Aloha” was released on March 27 and 20 days after its release, it took the number 1 position on Melon, thanks to its steady rise day by day. “Aloha” is a remake of 90’s co-ed group COOL‘s song.

The song is also charting extremely well on other music streaming sites, taking number 2 on Genie…

Number 2 on Bugs as well…

And number 11 on Soribada, only behind Kang Daniel‘s two mini albums.

Jo Jung Suk couldn’t hide his excitement when speaking about his song taking number one on the charts.

I sang the song for the drama, and I didn’t know it would be loved this much. I am so thankful and happy. It has been a very new experience singing a song that many people already hold dear to their hearts and working with my fellow actors, and it  has been a very happy and enjoyable time.

I hope this song can also give strength to many people.

— Jo Jung Suk

Watch the music video for the song below:

Source: Sports Today