Actor Accused Of Abandoning Girlfriend After She Got Pregnant

She referred to the actor as the “Prince of Housewives,” for his roles in K-Drama soaps.

The source articles by Korean news outlets specifically use “Actor K” as a denomination of the actor’s initial. Koreaboo has retained the usage in this article.

Following the revelation, actor Go Se Won has personally stepped forward to acknowledge that he is the actor in question.

“Actor K,” who is known to be the “Prince of Housewives” for his roles in K-Drama soaps, has been accused by an ex-girlfriend of abandoning her after she got pregnant.

She has since claimed to have miscarried the baby. The ex-girlfriend accused him of allegedly threatening to sue her when she asked him to delete the nude photos of her he had been holding on to. She claims that he blocked her contact since then.

When I asked him to delete my nudes, he said that he would sue me for threatening him. After that, he blocked my contact.

— Ex-girlfriend

As the accusations continued, she later revealed screenshots of their shared online conversations as proof of their dating life. She also explained that in no way was she a third party in his previous relationship.

Actor K got divorced in early 2017. I only dated him after confirming this. I’m not a cheater. From the early days of our dating, he always said that he would marry me if I got pregnant and that he would release articles about it. He had told me to trust him without worry as he would take responsibility for me no matter what happens. I believed that and did not use contraceptives.

— Ex-girlfriend

She ended up contacting him to tell him about the miscarriage in February 2021.

| Nate Pann

Anyway, oppa threw me away so I wasn’t going to tell you but since you’re the father, I am telling you that we sent our peanut (nickname for unborn children) off.

— Ex-girlfriend

She also uploaded various proofs of messages that they were dating.

| Nate Pann

Actor K: I’m almost there. Thanks for the present, Mikyung.

Actor K: Mikyung, are you sleeping?

Ex-Girlfriend: I love you.

Actor K: This garlic bread is delicious.

Neither Actor K nor his agency has stepped up to clarify the situation. Currently, the ex-girlfriend has deleted her original accusation and left only a post with the screenshots up.

Source: iMBC and Nate Pann