“Who’s Who?” — Actor Kang Ha Neul Gets Fooled By Actress Jung So Min’s K-Pop Idol Lookalike

Jung So Min couldn’t resist laughing.

Actors Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min teamed up again as co-stars for the upcoming movie 30 Days. And the two haven’t shared laughs only on set for their comedic romance. They caused a funny moment when Kang Ha Neul couldn’t tell the difference between Jung So Min and her K-Pop idol lookalike.

Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min.

With the two actors as guests on The K-Star Next Door, Jonathan mentioned Jung So Min’s lookalike IVE‘s An Yujin. He even pulled out the evidence that proved the striking resemblance between the actress and idol.

As soon as Jonathan showed the collage of An Yujin and Jung So Min photos, Kang Ha Neul thought they were all photos of the latter. He said, “When I first saw this, I thought this was So Min. Is this you?

Jung So Min confirmed that the first photo was of her. But Kang Ha Neul caused laughter by asking which photos were Jung So Min and which were An Yujin, “Who’s who?” The actress couldn’t help being reminded of her dad because of Kang Ha Neul’s question.

You’re like my dad. That’s what my dad says. He doesn’t recognize me. He can’t find me on TV.

— Jung So Min

Jonathan and Kang Ha Neul weren’t wrong in thinking the idol and actress look so similar. Between their eyes and noses, An Yujin and Jung So Min could be related.

| 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

See them all laugh at Kang Ha Neul’s confusion between the two.