Actor Kang Ha Neul’s Co-Star Is Shocked At His Commitment While Filming Intimate Scenes

It was unexpectedly intense.

Actor Jung So Min recently discussed working with actor Kang Ha Neul again and what it was like filming intimate scenes with him.

Kang Ha Neul (left) and Jung So Min (right) | CGV

On September 26, Jung So Min was interviewed to promote her upcoming movie 30 Days. 30 Days is a comedy that tells the story of Jeong Yeol (played by Kang Ha Neul) and Na Ra (played by Jung So Min), a married couple with many problems who plan to get a divorce. However, a car accident causes them both to lose their memories. They fall in love all over again, with their respective families making a 30-day plans in order to have them regain their memories and continue with their divorce.

Jung So Min (left) and Kang Ha Neul (right) in “30 Days” | Mind Mark

During her interview, Jung So Min talked about what it was like reuniting with Kang Ha Neul after eight years. In 2015, she starred in the film Twenty alongside Kang Ha Neul, where she met him for the first time. With titles Twenty and 30 Days, people wondered if the upcoming film was a sequel to the 2015 film, and Jung So Min found the coincidence interesting.

It’s a remarkable coincidence that we’re meeting again with the title 30 Days after meeting through Twenty. At that time, we were actually in our 20s, and now we’ve met again in our 30s. It’s almost like a connection of universes. Many people asked if it’s a sequel. Although it’s an entirely different story, when I watched the film, it felt a bit similar to Twenty.

— Jung So Min

The cast of “Twenty” including Jung So Min and Kang Ha Neul | Next Entertainment World

Despite the similarities between Twenty and 30 Days, Jung So Min said that she wasn’t worried that their acting might seem the same in the two films. She shared that the filming atmosphere was different for the two films, for the better.

The atmosphere on the set of Twenty was great. We were all the same age, and we had such a comfortable and enjoyable time filming together. It felt like a gathering of young people having fun, but now, we’ve met having become more relaxed and with more experience.

— Jung So Min

A scene from “Twenty” | Next Entertainment World

In fact, she shared that filming 30 Days was more comfortable because she was able to skip the process of icebreaking and getting to know one another.

It was even more comfortable this time. The scope of the story has expanded, and when actors meet on set, they need time to adapt to one another and become familiar. The process of getting to know each other is essential, but it was ommitted this time, which was efficient and I appreciated it.

— Jung So Min

A scene from “30 Days” | Mind Mark

Jung So Min also discussed the affectionate scenes she had to film with Kang Ha Neul. Although she didn’t feel like the scene was intense while reading the script, it was quite different on set.

When I read the script, the scene I didn’t think expect would be so intense on set was the affectionate scene in Gibaekba. While filming, I was wondering, ‘Is it supposed to be this intense?’ I was a bit surprised. In the script, it was simply written as ‘passionately,’ but when we got to the actual set, Kang Ha Neul was very committed, which made it feel more intense.

— Jung So Min

A scene from “30 Days” | Mind Mark

She mentioned that talking about these intimate scenes with Kang Ha Neul might make them feel awkward. Therefore, although they talked out their scenes in the beginning, as time progressed, there wasn’t much time for discussion. Instead of communicating every scene, they both just acted without shame.

It feels more awkward if I talk to Kang Ha Neul about the intimate scenes. On set, we filmed shamelessly. In the beginning, we discussed how we would approach the scenes, but later on, we just figured what the other would do.

— Jung So Min

A scene from “30 Days” | Mind Mark

The film 30 Days is set to be released on October 3.

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