Kang Ha Neul’s Instagram Hacked By Illegal Prostitution Website

On December 20th, Kang Ha Neul‘s Instagram was hacked and he was quick to apologize to fans over the incident.

Actor Kang Ha Neul’s Instagram was hacked, and advertisements for prostitution services were uploaded. He quickly realized that his Instagram account had been compromised, and deleted the advertisements.

His Instagram was spammed with these adult advertisements.

Below is the translation of Kang Ha Neul’s apology to his fans.

I am sorry for making people worry because of the hacking
But the person who did the hacking is quite remarkable…
And how did you know and change my password…?
I could not log in to check my Instagram.. hehe
It was an interesting experience.
Thanks to all of you letting me know, it has been taken care of.
Thank you ^_____^
In the future, I will stop looking for the ‘Change Later’ option when the ‘change your password’ pop-up appears.
Everyone make sure to take care of your passwords
This is something I’m re-learning.
Ah, this photo is from when I had to work overseas. 
There’s a pretty bear and pillow on the bed…
I was allowed to take it so I packed it up quickly hehe
Thank you, everyone ^__^

Kang Ha Neul’s drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo recently finished airing, and his movies Retrial and Young Police will be released in 2017.