Why Actor Kim Bum Rejects Lead Roles For Romantic K-Dramas

Fans don’t have to lose hope just yet.

While Kim Bum has taken on roles in romantic comedies like Boys Over Flowers and romantic melodramas like That Winter, The Wind Blows, the actor hasn’t been in a lead role as a love interest. There’s a reason why.

Kim Bum on the set of “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938.” | @k.kbeom/Instagram

During his appearance on The K-Star Next Door, MC Jonathan mentioned a post where Kim Bum, The Glory‘s Lee Do Hyun, and Our Beloved Summer‘s Kim Sung Cheol were named the top three male actors “who would never appear in a romantic comedy.

Kim Bum had seen the post before and addressed why he hadn’t accepted romantic roles. He said, “If I find it awkward, or I can’t draw the image in my head, I can’t do it.

Meanwhile, other genres appealed more to him, instead choosing to star in fantasy dramas like Ghost Doctor and Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938.

Rather, genres like fantasy are easier to depict with the ideas in my head. So when I was choosing work, I preferred other genres more.

— Kim Bum

However, fans didn’t need to lose hope just yet. Kim Bum admitted he was open to a romantic role if it was too amazing to pass up. He said, “I’m still waiting for a good melodrama.

Listen to Kim Bum explain why he hasn’t taken on any lead romantic roles just yet.