Top Actor Shocks Fans With Surprise Wedding Announcement

Congrats to the couple!

Actor Kim Dong Wook is getting married!

Kim Dong Wook

News broke on August 30 that the top actor is getting married. According to a YTN report, the actor is marrying his beautiful non-celebrity girlfriend.

The report states that the groom-to-be has dated his girlfriend quietly, in consideration of her being a non-celebrity, but has recently told close acquaintances of the couple’s upcoming nuptials.

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The actor’s label, KeyEast, confirmed the news, revealing the couple will be getting married this winter.

Kim Dong Wook is getting married this upcoming winter. The bride is a beautiful non-celebrity. The couple have been dating sincerely and faithfully, and their love has resulted in a beautiful marriage. Please understand us not being able to reveal the date in consideration of the bride and her family.

— KeyEast

Kim Dong Wook is an award-winning actor and movie star who has starred in blockbuster hits Along With The Gods 2, The Accidental Detective 2, and Take Off.

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