Actor Kim Eung Soo Receives Criticism For Remarks Regarding MONSTA X’s Minhyuk

Fans were not pleased about this.

Actor Kim Eung Soo, who runs his own live stream EungsooCINE through Naver NOW, invited singer and musical actor Kim Junsu to the show. 

When asked the question of what junior artist he remembers the most, Junsu replied, “Minhyuk’s hands were shaking when he met me. I was thankful for that. I wondered why he was nervous as I’m not someone great and it made me think to work harder.”

After hearing that, Kim Eung Soo responded, “Maybe Minhyuk put a burden on you? He was probably nervous because Minhyuk won’t be able to follow Junsu’s skills.”

In response, Junsu tried to clear up the situation, “Minhyuk is talented in different fields than me,” but Kim Eung Soo continued, “What is Minhyuk doing that’s better than Kim Junsu?”

Even when Junsu was complimenting Minhyuk on his visuals, Kim Eung Soo replied, “Although Minhyuk is more handsome than me, appearances can get boring in just three minutes.”

After seeing Junsu being taken aback by his remarks, Kim Eung Soo commented, “Minhyuk is the best. I want to meet him again.” Junsu added, “Minhyuk is a really nice friend.”

Netizens that saw the broadcast were not pleased with the remarks made about Minhyuk, saying that this was not a simple joke, but disrespect.

  • “Kim Junsu must have felt so uncomfortable in that position.”
  • “These types of remarks only make the guest feel awkward.”

On the other hand, Kim Eung Woo’s Naver Now broadcast airs on weekdays at 3 PM KST.

Source: sports khan