Actor Kim Gun Woo Publicly “Asks Out” A Co-star From “The Glory,” But It Isn’t What You Think

Another co-star publicly shipped the couple!

The Glory actor Kim Gun Woo is going viral after “asking out” his co-star.

Kim Gun Woo | Hankook Kyungjae

On March 26, Kim Gun Woo uploaded several photos of himself and his co-star Cha Joo Young, who played Choi Hye Jeong on The Glory.

The actor then captioned the photos, seemingly still in character.

I said I’d put you in first-class, Hye Jeong.

— Kim Gun Woo

The caption harkens back to a line in the drama when Kim Gun Woo’s character, Son Myeong Oh, asks Cha Joo Young’s character, Choi Hye Jeong, to run away with him to Russia. In the scene, Son Myeong Oh offers to put Cha Joo Young in “First-class” if she agrees.

I think you’re f@cking pretty. Let’s leave Choi Hye Jeong to a country of just us. I’ll put you in first-class. I’ve always liked you.

— Son Myeong Oh in The Glory

Netizens and cast members alike expressed their approval of the post. Fellow co-star Kim Hieora publicly supported the couple and stated that she was rooting for them.

I’m rooting for your love.

— Kim Hieora

Cha Joo Young then commented, also in character. The actress revealed that despite rejecting the offer in the drama, she’d be willing to reconsider if it weren’t for the fact that Kim Gun Woo’s character gets killed off.

I’ve really been looking back on myself… It’s really deplorable. If it weren’t too late, I would take up your offer for first-class ㅠ, but Myeong Oh is gone. Sigh.

— Cha Joo Young

Netizens also joined in the fun and asked if they could also get on the flight.

| @gunoorla/Instagram
  • “(As Choi Hye Jeong) How can you like me? You should know your place.”
  • Unnie, how about Jae Joon?
  • Oppa, I don’t mind riding on the wings, so can I go along?”
  • “Take me too…”
  • “I want to go even if I have to sit in economy class.”
  • “You guys look good together.”

What are your thoughts? Do you ship the couple?

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