Actor Kim Jung Hyun Under Fire For Cold Behavior During “Time” Press Conference

“Wow, Seohyun must feel really awkward… What’s his deal?”

The cast for upcoming MBC drama Time got together for a press conference and actors, including Kim Jung Hyun and Seohyun, attended to promote their newest work together.


Unfortunately, Kim Jung Hyun was spotted looking rather grim throughout the conference. Fans became uncomfortable with his “attitude”. Footage of the actor supposedly rejecting Seohyun’s suggestion to link arms has gone viral and angered the fans.


The press noticed Kim Jung Hyun’s indifference and asked if he is “in a bad mood”. The actor replied it is because he is so focused and dedicated to his role, a terminal patient whose death approaches daily.

“On or off the set, I’m trying to live as Cheon Soo Ho (the character). When I’m sleeping or commuting, I slip and let Kim Jung Hyun come out. I’m trying to control that. I’m just really devoted to the character. I’m really trying to become him.”

— Kim Jung Hyun


The actor’s “explanation” didn’t quite convince the fans. Koreans remained disappointed that he was so unprofessional as to make everyone else at the conference uncomfortable.

  • “What’s the need to be that extra? This makes me feel super uncomfortable, wow.”

  • “Wow, Seohyun must feel really awkward… What’s his deal?”

  • “Why can’t he just keep the acting for the camera on set?”

  • “There is a line to how much ‘devotion’ you should put in…”

  • “Well, I guess if you’re going to take it as far as living your own life as the character, you mean you’re ready to take all the misunderstandings that come with that. Whatever.”


Other fans have grown concerned.

  • “If you see videos of him interviewing, he is on the brink of crying. Makes me wonder if something is actually wrong.”

  • “It looks like some horrible news just hit him before he came to the conference… like he’s not himself.”

  • “Something’s on his mind, and he’s clearly affected. No actor in his right mind would do something like that at a public press conference.”


The controversy grew even more when the previously scheduled live broadcast of the cast was abruptly cancelled. Fans, who looked forward to interacting with the actors from the program, wondered if it could be related to the issues at the conference.


The production team denied the cancellation had anything to do with Kim Jung Hyun.

“The Time production team decided to cancel the live broadcast because of how delayed it was. It would have conflicted with the actors’ schedules, so after careful consideration, we decided to call it off.” 

— Production Team


With the controversy undying, Kim Jung Hyun’s agency, O& Entertainment, soon responded with an official statement that explained his current status and apologized for his behavior.

“Kim Jung Hyun spent a lot of time trying to understand and portray someone whose death approaches day by day. It has been hard on the actor to take care of himself through this. He made a mistake, but he didn’t intend to hurt anyone. Kim Jung Hyun is also shocked at what has happened today. He is sorry, to the other cast and everyone else who were affected. We apologize.”

— O& Entertainment


Even after the explanations and official responses, fans still remain divided about Kim Jung Hyun’s actions, some understanding and some not — but they do know the actor is usually very close with Seohyun and that his behavior at the conference was questionable.


Watch what happened at the press conference here:

Source: Instiz, Dispatch and Kyeongin