Actor Kim Rae Won to renew contract with HB Entertainment

It has been reported that actor Kim Rae Won is set to renew his contract with HB Entertainment after a two year stint with the agency.

Kim Rae Won signed his first contract with HB Entertainment in 2013. Despite the spike of his recent activities and popularity in the industry, he has agreed to renew his contract with the same agency.

It is deemed that the veteran actor has made a successful comeback in the last two years with the support of HB Entertainment’s efficient and systematic management ability, resulting in Kim Rae Won starring in popular pieces such as Punch and Gangnam 1970. 

Kim Rae Won mentioned, “HB Entertainment, a company with broad perspective and know-how, has given me invariant faith from the past two years together. Within their stable managerial support, I will try my best to focus to become a better actor.”

Meanwhile, the actor has been receiving many love-calls and reviews for his next piece.

Source: Sports Donga