Actor Kim Seon Ho Returns to Instagram To Thank Fans For Birthday Wishes

He sends a heartfelt message to fans for their support.

Actor Kim Seon Ho returned to Instagram for the first time in seven months to the delight of his fans.

| @seonho__kim/Instagram

The Start-Up and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor stated earlier this year that he will solely focus on promotions for his upcoming film, Sad Tropics, in 2022.

In April, fans were happy to see the star for the first time in months as he worked on the film in Thailand.

Actor Kim Seon Ho Delights Fans With Surprise Public Appearance In Thailand Airport

The actor celebrates his 36th birthday on May 8 and fans around the world have been wishing him a happy birthday.

In response to the love shown, Kim Seon Ho posted on Instagram for the first time since October 2021 to share his gratitude. He posted a simple photo of the sky with a meaningful message in the caption for his supporters.

He wrote, “I’m sorry to have caused everyone to go through a tough time due to my lacking… Thank you for celebrating my birthday again in a way that’s much more than I deserve. I will sincerely remember your heartfelt feelings and become an actor who can repay all of your support.

Fans who have been waiting for the actor to return to social media shared their joy on Twitter.

Kim Seon Ho’s upcoming film, Sad Tropics, is set to be released later this year.