Actor Kim Woo Bin Gains Attention For His Unexpected Reaction To A Junior Model’s Experience Of Mistreatment

The actor started his career as a model and knew the hardships!

On the outside, actor Kim Woo Bin might seem cold, and many of his roles have reflected that sharp image, yet his personality couldn’t be more different. The actor recently gained attention for his reaction to a hoobae model’s awful experience during a photoshoot.

Actor Kim Woo Bin | @___kimwoobin/Instagram

While he is known for his acting, like many stars, Kim Woo Bin started his career as a model, and it’s not surprising that he understands the hardships of the job.

Recently, Pixid released a video with Kim Woo Bin where he was trying to hide his identity amongst a group of models in an online chat room.

During the video, one of the models shared his experience during a particularly tiring photoshoot. He explained that the staff and those who were conducting the shoot kept putting him in outfits he hadn’t approved, and the final number was huge.

I went to one shoot and they kept adding outfits I hadn’t agreed on and ended up wearing 80 in the end.

— Model

As soon as the words left the model’s mouth, the camera panned to Kim Woo Bin, who had a serious and quite angry look on his face as he messaged back.

The other models rightly had questions about the shoot, including how long it lasted and how much the idol got paid.

When it was revealed the model was only paid $400, everyone in the video was shocked at how little he was given for all his hard work. Yet, like most people, the model revealed he had no choice but to do it.

Rather than just showing sympathy, Kim Woo Bin’s response gained attention as the actor added, “Which brand was it? This needs to be exposed.”

If that wasn’t enough, the actor passionately shared how angry he was about the conditions after writing it, adding that the company should be exposed and have to “repent.”

They have to be exposed. Seriously. 80 outfits for $400? That makes no sense. You should repent!

— Kim Woo Bin

After the video was posted, media outlets couldn’t stop praising Kim Woo Bin, and netizens filled the comments with praise for the actor and his reaction. While he is famous, Kim Woo Bin seemed genuinely angry at the treatment, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he had similar experiences.

While Kim Woo Bin always gets praised for his acting and visuals, the actor also has an incredibly warm and passionate personality. His instant reaction to the rookie model’s confession shows how empathetic he is toward the tough conditions in the industry.

Source: Pixid

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