Actor Kim Woo Bin Shocks Netizens With His Dramatic Transformation In Recent Instagram Posts

But there might be more to the look than netizens first think!

One of the hottest actors in the Korean entertainment industry has to be Kim Woo Bin.

Actor Kim Woo Bin | @__kimwoobin/Instagram

Throughout the years, he has wowed netizens with his versatile acting in some of the most loved K-Dramas. He showcases his intense talent, unrivaled charms, and dazzling visuals for netizens each time.

Kim Woo Bin in one of his first major roles in “The Heirs” | SBS

Kim Woo Bin broke hearts in the sad K-Drama “Uncontrollably Fond” | 1theK/YouTube

Kim Woo Bin in recent K-Drama “Our Blues” | The Swoon/YouTube     

Yet, the actor recently shocked fans with his visuals in a recent Instagram post and had netizens confused and fangirling at the same time.

On February 28, Kim Woo Bin shared a photo set with a simple emoji of a girl with black hair. Although it seemed random, it was also fitting, as the photos showed the actor with stunning long hair. Although many were distracted by the hilarious backdrop, which was a market and the actor in the “diapers” aisle…

| @__kimwoobin/Instagram

| @__kimwoobin/Instagram

But also Kim Woo Bin was looking extremely dapper in a suit.

| @__kimwoobin/Instagram

Unsurprisingly, after the photos were posted, netizens couldn’t get enough of the dramatic transformation of the actor. For many, it was a look they hadn’t seen for a long time, making him look even more handsome.

Yet, while netizens couldn’t get over the photos and the fact that they even became a hot topic amongst Korean news outlets, many weren’t sure how recent they were.

In particular, Kim Woo Bin posted photos with a similar long hairstyle earlier, and netizens quickly remembered that it was from his first photoshoot back following his cancer treatment.

Kim Woo Bin reposted photos from an old shoot following his return from treatment | @__kimwoobin/Instagram

| @__kimwoobin/Instagram

| @__kimwoobin/Instagram

| @__kimwoobin/Instagram

So, it meant that along with some details in the new pictures, many netizens believed that they might be old pictures.

Whether or not the photos are new or not, there is no denying that Kim Woo Bin looks flawless with long hair, and netizens would love to see him sport the look more often.

Source: @__kimwoobin/Instagram and Wikitree