Actor Lee Byung Hun Debunks All Theories The Media Had About “Squid Game 2”

What could it be about?

Actor Lee Byung Hun revealed in a recent interview how impressed he was when he read the script for Netfflix‘s Squid Game 2 for the first time.

Lee Byung Hun | @byunghun0712/Instagram

On August 1, Lee Byung Hun did an interview for the upcoming release of the movie Concrete Utopia, a disaster-thriller film directed by Um Tae Hwa and starring Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, and Park Bo Young.

Lee Byung Hun in “Concrete Utopia” | @byunghun0712/Instagram

During his interview, Lee Byung Hun debunked all theories about the second season of Squid Game. When asked about the long-awaited sequel, Lee Byung Hun revealed that Hwang Dong Hyuk, the director of Squid Game, initially never planned for the hit show to get a sequel. The director also supposedly said he would never do a TV show again. However, he made a sequel because of Squid Game‘s global success.

Lee Jung Jae (left) and Director Hwang Dong Hyuk (right) | @squidgamenetflix/Instagram

Lee Byung Hun then shared how he felt when he read the script for Squid Game 2.

What surprised me the most was when I read the script for season 2, I felt like the director was a true storyteller. Creating something out of nothing, that’s what it was. It’s a show that originally wasn’t intended to have a second season, so I was amazed at how fun it was.

— Lee ByungHun


He also emphasized that none of the theories made by the international press about Squid Game 2‘s plot were correct, making netizens wonder what the story could be about.

None of them are true.

— Lee Byung Hun

The actor also talked about his continuous motivation to take on diverse characters throughout his acting career.

What I envy is that there are many older directors abroad, and at that age, I’m amazed whenever they create more cool and sophisticated works. How can they maintain such strengths and create innovative works at their age? I believe it’s possible because of that childlike innocence they have.

— Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun was confirmed to be in Squid Game 2 alongside returning actors Lee Jung Jae, Gong Yoo, and Wi Ha Joon, and new actors Kang Ha Neul, Park Sung Hoon, Im Si Hwan, and more.

Squid Game 2 had its first table read in June, and the release date has yet to be announced.

Source: Newsen

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