Actress Lee Da Hee And Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Share A Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Moment From Their First Kiss Scene

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Actors Choi Siwon and Lee Da Hee shared a behind-the-scenes moment after their first kiss scene in the ENA drama Love Is For Suckers.

The two actors were featured on the latest episode of SBS‘s My Little Old Boy which, aired on November 6. In the episode, the two shared with audiences a funny incident that happened due to Choi Siwon’s facial hair.

Choi Siwon is known for many iconic looks, with one being his facial hair. The actor is one of few K-Drama actors that sports a beard on occasion and is known to have a lot of facial hair. Turns out, according to co-star Lee Da Hee, the actor’s facial hair, as awesome as it might look, isn’t ideal when filming a kiss scene.

In the My Little Old Boy episode, Choi Siwon and Lee Da Hee were seen filming for their drama Love Is For Suckers. During a film break, Lee Da Hee reveals that Choi Siwon’s facial hairs caused some unintended consequences for her after filming their first kiss scene together.

Because I have weak skin, after the kiss scene, my face was red all over the area.

— Lee Da Hee

Choi Siwon then playfully runs Lee Da Hee’s hands over his facial scruff. Both actors would be shocked at how loud, and rough Choi Siwon’s scruff was. Lee Da Hee playfully teases that Choi Siwon’s scruff might be a danger to others.

You might cut someone.

— Lee Da Hee

Lee Da Hee then continues her story, saying, “Yeah, it was a little rough last time (when we filmed the kiss scene),” to which Choi Siwon replied by revealing what Lee Da Hee had said after the kiss scene.

That’s why you said, ‘When we film a kiss scene, let’s make sure we shave’ last time. But I shave every day.

— Choi Siwon

Lee Da Hee would continue to tease Choi Siwon about his facial hair, proving that the tandem’s chemistry goes beyond just visuals.

You should appeal to the girl you like and be like, ‘Hey, do you have an itch I can scratch?’ with your beard.

— Lee Da Hee

Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon are currently filming the ENA drama Love Is For Suckers. A romantic-comedy revolving around a dating show and a producer (Lee Da Hee) who falls for her friend, who is also one of the show’s contestants (Choi Siwon). Check out the trailer for the drama in the link below!



Source: Wikitree