Single Or Taken? Actor Lee Dong Wook’s Honest Feelings On His Current Relationship Status

There is a long line of potential suitors! 😂

One of the most handsome actors has to be Lee Dong Wook.

Actor Lee Dong Wook | @leedongwook_official/Instagram

Since making his acting debut, Lee Dong Wook has wowed netizens with his amazing acting, unreal visuals, and charm. It feels impossible not to fall for him, and it would be easy to assume that he wasn’t short of admirers.



Well, it seems not, and Lee Dong Wook couldn’t be embracing it more.

The actor is set to star alongside actress Lim Soo Jung in the new film Single In Seoul. The story follows two people who couldn’t have more different views on relationships; while one likes being alone, the other doesn’t, and it makes for an interesting dynamic.

The poster for “Single In Seoul”

For the release of the film, Lee Dong Wook did some interviews, and it wasn’t surprising that one of the topics was about his own love life. In one interview, the actor confirmed his “single” status and joked about the reason his “love radar” has been destroyed.

I have become too comfortable with being alone. I guess it’s because I’ve become used to it, but I’m sure it’ll work out.

— Lee Dong Wook

While some people might feel the desire to fall in love, Lee Dong Wook couldn’t be more different, and when asked why he enjoyed being single or alone, he had several reasons.

Everything about it. I am not controlled (restricted) by anyone. My schedule is very unorthodox; I eat lunch at three and dinner at nine. If I had to eat with someone, it would be uncomfortable for both of us. These things make it more comfortable for me to be single.

— Lee Dong Wook

| @leedongwook_official/Instagram

He even joked that his love of sports and streaming it on paid sports channels is always more beneficial when you’re single because he can enjoy it more comfortably.

| @leedongwook_official/Instagram

Maybe it will change when he finds the ONE, and there will undoubtedly be a long list of admirers who would happily try and change Lee Dong Wook’s mind about being alone.

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