Actor Lee Jae Wook Set To Appear On A Variety Show Later Today Following Dating News With aespa’s Karina

Netizens can’t wait!

Actor Lee Jae Wook — who recently made headlines for his romantic relationship with aespa‘s Karina — is set to appear on the popular web entertainment show Salon Drip 2 later today.

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This announcement has sparked considerable interest among fans and the public alike, coming hot on the heels of the dating news that has captivated the entertainment industry.

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Lee Jae Wook, along with LeeJunYoung, will grace the YouTube channel TEO‘s Salon Drip 2, as revealed by the team behind the Disney+ original series RThe Impossible Heir.

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Both actors — who star in The Impossible Heir as Han Tae Oh and Kang In Ha respectively — are expected to display their bromance chemistry and engage in witty banter, providing viewers with a glimpse into their off-screen relationship.

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The timing of Lee Jae Wook’s appearance on Salon Drip 2 is what’s made the public so interested, as it coincides with the public confirmation of his relationship with Karina, member of the popular girl group aespa.


Both Lee Jae Wook and Karina’s agencies have officially acknowledged the relationship to iMBC Entertainment, stating that the couple is currently in the early stages of getting to know each other. The news of their relationship — confirmed earlier today on February 27 — has since been a topic of much fascination and discussion among fans and netizens.

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This episode of Salon Drip 2 — even though it was recorded before the public reveal of Lee Jae Wook and Karina’s relationship — is anticipated to draw significant viewership. As expected fans are eager to see Lee in a more relaxed and personal setting amidst the swirling news about his personal life.

As The Impossible Heir prepares for its global release on Disney+, with episodes airing every Wednesday starting from the 28th, the attention surrounding its lead actors, particularly Lee Jae Wook, has undoubtedly been amplified by his newfound status as one-half of a celebrity couple.

Fans of Lee Jae Wook, Karina, and the broader entertainment community will undoubtedly be tuning in to Salon Drip 2 with heightened interest.

Source: iMBC


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