Actor Lee Je Hoon Wants To Be Like BTS’s Jungkook But Is Holding Himself Back

Fans think he would do a great job!

The second day of the 2023 MAMA Awards has begun at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, and many idols and celebrities have gathered together for this special event. During the photo wall interview, actor Lee Je Hoon gained much attention for his love and respect for BTS’s Jungkook!

Host: Is there any K-pop you are keeping an eye on these days?

Je Hoon: Oh yes, it’s Jungkook.

Host: You are going down a difficult path.

Je Hoon: Ah, he’s so cool, and every time I see him, I really want to be like him, but I just restrain myself from doing so because I feel like I’ll never be able to imitate him like that and produce a performance like him.

Fans, after seeing the interview, hoped that maybe he would dance to one of Jungkook’s songs at his next fan meeting! Previously, he has shown off his dance moves through practice videos and at fan meetings!

He’s danced to “Hype Boy” by NewJeans

…and to Taeyang‘s “Shoong”…

…and he loves vibing out too!

Fans who heard this were already anticipating to see him perform something next year!

As soon as I heard him say ‘Jungkook,’ I thought, ‘Ah this is what it’s going to be for next year’s fan meeting!

I am so excited now for next year’s fan meeting!

Looks like we will have to wait and see until next year’s fan meeting to see if he really does take up the challenge!

Source: theqoo