Drama Staff Accuses Actor Lee Ji Hoon Of Inviting A Friend On Set To Threaten Him

He claims to have been threatened.

Actor Lee Ji Hoon, who most recently starred in River Where The Moon Rises, has fallen into controversy due to a friend that visited him on set. Lee Ji Hoon is currently filming for a new drama, Sponsor. Unfortunately, after the friend had visited him, it was reported that one of the drama staff had uploaded an accusatory message on a group chat for the drama.


YTN Star‘s investigation reports that he had arrived at the filming site with his friend and the friend had ended up cursing at the staff. The staff accused Lee Ji Hoon of using his friend to indirectly threaten the staff. The staff that wrote the post claims that there were more than one witness to the scene.

I’m not sure if he was a gangster or a neighborhood thug but I think it isn’t right for the actor to bring the friend to the filming site to threaten us. Thankfully, it was not only me that heard it, and others said they would be witnesses if needed. The actor said he was trying to stop the friend but his eyes were like he was saying, “Why did you mess with me?”. It was not only me that felt that and there’s many that says they will be a witness to this. I think I will write a post with evidence after the last broadcast of the drama. At the same time, I will ask for protection from the police. There are many that also say that when I write the post, they will provide “Me Too” testimonies in the comments about the incident where he took off his pants on site.

— Staff

Regarding the matter, the production company, iHQ, has given a statement that claims that there was no discord on site.

Lee Ji Hoon’s friend came to the set because it was his birthday and there was no serious fight or trouble with the staff on site. We are trying to contact him through the production team.

— iHQ

Lee Ji Hoon’s company has yet to make a statement on the matter.

Lee Ji Hoon currently stars in Sponsor, about 4 people who are looking for a sponsor and will do anything to get their hearts’ desires.

Source: YTN
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