Actor Lee Jong Suk And Former HELLOVENUS’s Kwon Nara Are In A Relationship

Insiders noted Lee Jong Suk “made the first move.”

According to industry insiders, actor Lee Jong Suk and former HELLOVENUS member Kwon Nara are now in a relationship. Reportedly, the two grew closer after being introduced by another HELLOVENUS member and have recently began dating.


The insiders also pointed out that Lee Jong Suk personally got in touch with Kwon Nara and scouted her to his agency, A-man Project, once she became a free agent after her contract with Fantagio Entertainment expired.


Reports shared, “Lee Jong Suk is in direct charge of his agency. And he is the one overlooking Kwon Nara’s schedules.”

Lee Jong Suk was pretty set on taking on Kwon Nara through his agency. He put in the time and effort to make her sign with him.

— Insider


While there are no pictures capturing the new couple together, the insiders have confirmed that Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara have often been spending time together. Kwon Nara was most frequently spotted at Lee Jong Suk’s cafe “89 Mansion” in Sinsa-dong, Seoul.


Lee Jong Suk is actually enlisted at the moment, to serve his military duty since March 2018, but he was evaluated to be unfit to serve active duty and has been working as a public service worker. Away from his time as a public service worker, Lee Jong Suk is reported to spend most of his time with Kwon Nara.

Lee Jong Suk Has Officially Enlisted In The Military


The insiders commented, “Lee Jong Suk made the first move to date Kwon Nara and he was passionate about making the relationship work. We’ve all been referring to Kwon Nara as ‘Lee Jong Suk’s woman’. From what we’ve heard, Lee Jong Suk also sent a lot of gifts to win Kwon Nara’s heart.”


Fans patiently await statements from either side to verify the news.

Source: Newsis