Actor Lee Jong Suk Is Spotted Supporting His Girlfriend IU In The Most Unexpected Way

He’s both IU’s boyfriend and fan!

Each year, in the hours leading up to January 1, netizens anticipate the annual Dispatch couple reveals. This year, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when it was announced that K-Pop idol IU and actor Lee Jong Suk had been dating for four months.

K-Pop soloist IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Actor Lee Jong Suk | @jongsuk0206/Instagram

In the article, the outlet revealed pictures and information sharing that they had spent Christmas together in Japan and also alleged “couple items.”

The alleged couple items revealed by Dispatch | Dispatch

Clips also resurfaced from the wedding of the actor’s brother, where IU sang.

IU singing at the wedding | @kdramatreats/Twitter

Well, it seems like Lee Jong Suk has just broken the internet by showcasing his support for IU in the most unexpected way.

On February 4, the designer brand Beyond Closet posted a picture with the actor on their Instagram page.

| @beyondcloset_official/Instagram

Although the image was cute, eagle-eyed netizens noticed something heartwarming in the actor’s outfit. When zooming in on Lee Jong Suk’s hat, they noticed that he was wearing a hat with The Golden Hour on it.

Quickly, fans realized that it was actually the same hat that IU wore during her shows in 2022, which was called The Golden Hour. While it normally wouldn’t be too much, considering that the two are dating, it makes the small gesture seem even more heartwarming.

IU wearing the hat from her tour

When the pictures were shared, netizens couldn’t get enough of the subtle way Lee Jong Suk was showcasing his support for IU when he was out and about in public. After the announcement was made, it seems like there hasn’t been much news from the happy couple.

Obviously, it isn’t surprising that the actor has the hat because back in 2022, Lee Jong Suk was spotted at IU’s The Golden Hour show in Seoul. Yet, considering they were rumored to have already been dating back then, it is even cuter.

In an industry where dating is taboo, fans’ reactions to this small gesture prove that the relationship between IU and Lee Jong Suk is truly a fairytale.

You can read more about their relationship below.

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