Actor Lee Si Eon To Step Down From “I Live Alone” To Focus On His Acting Career

He will be missed!

Actor Lee Si Eon will be leaving MBC’s I Live Alone.

Lee wrote a long letter on his Instagram to thank fans for the past five years as he officially steps down from the show.

Hello this is Lee Si Eon. The weather is getting much colder. Everyone please stay healthy and remember to always wear your mask. The reason why I am writing this today is because I will be leaving the show that I worked with for five years after the end of this year. After much discussion with the production team, I’ve decided to focus more on my acting by stepping down from the show. Being on the show is a precious memory that I will never forget. I was able to have such as happy and memorable time on the show thanks to the support of the staff and production team who trusted in me as well as the members on the show.

⁠— Lee Si Eon

I find myself truly lucky to have received so much love and support from the viewers as not just actor Lee Si Eon but also as human Lee Si Eon. Thinking back on it now, everything was just so precious and I am forever grateful…I will always remember the love that I received while on the show and going forward I will show a better image as an actor. Please continue to show support and love to the other members on the show.

⁠— Lee Si Eon

Lee Si Eon joined the show back in 2016 and received much love and attention from viewers for his honest and fun personality. Although he may be missed, many fans also cannot wait for his next project as an actor.